Mauvais Coton

Web Design, Front-End Development | WordPress | 2020-2021

The French theatre company Mauvais Coton combines thrilling circus acts with modern music.

It is also the innovative creator of the culbuto
– a fascinating balancing prop!

The founders Anne Lise Allard and Vincent Martinez wanted their old, outdated website redesigned before the next season. Once the pandemic hit the importance of having an updated, responsive website for online presentation became even more important than ever.

We took the necessary and still-relevant information from the existing website to set up a new site map and wireframes. Through follow-up meetings and emails we agreed on both the details and the bigger picture. The end result is a captivating website with full page video and photo headers and accessible text.

Before launch we trained Anne Lise and Vincent in the basics of WordPress so they can add and change content on their own in the future.