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Jean Ravau

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Brand Design, Web Design, Front-End Development, Copywriting, Photography | WordPress, Weglot | 2022

Jean Ravau Multiservice offers landscaping, gardening and handyman services for private properties.

The company has an international client base with both residential and holiday house owners in Tarn-et-Garonne, South West France, and was in need of a multilingual website.

Together with the founder we decided to make a one page website with the following sections: Intro, Services, Testimonials, About, Gallery and Footer with CTA (Call To Action) buttons for clients to easily reach the company by phone, email and WhatsApp.

The founder also wanted a portfolio page to showcase his artistic side projects; drawings, paintings, graphic design and character design.

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Brand Design

The founder wanted to keep the company logo – his artistic and calligraphy styled signature. But branding style is so much more than just a logo, therefore the studio developed a style guide to show the choice of heading and paragraph fonts, brand colours and icons to use not only on the website, but on any branding materials, be it digital or print.

Web Design & Development

The navigation bar (menu) is clear, and the visitor can change the language with one click (two on mobile view). Furthermore the CTA buttons (Call To Action) makes it easier and more appealing to make direct contact with the company.

The layout combines photos and text content in a tidy fashion so it is easy to read and engaging to scroll down to follow the logical narrative. The parallax effect on desktop view adds a modern and interesting touch.

The entire website is fully responsive and is therefore accessible to browse on all devices; smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

The footer serves as contact area, and has a site map which is good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It contains links to Art & graphic design as well as all the legal mentions that one is obliged to include on websites for companies registered in France.

The mandatory Opt-in Cookie banner is of course also in place, with a simple way for visitors to refuse any non-essential cookies with just one click.

Copywriting & Photography

The text is clear, direct and describes what the company offers, and what their commitments are to the clients.

Many photos of both the founder and his work install a greater sense of trust than an impersonal look with stock photos found online.


The new website instantly procured several new clients – both French and English – that found the company website when googling for gardeners in the area.

“Veronica was there every step of the way and brought my vision further than I could have imagined!”

Jean RavauFounder of Jean Ravau Multiservice